Thursday, March 8, 2018

All God's Children

"Great Samosas"

Sorry to always begin the blog with a weather report but it is the first thing I notice  when I sit down to write and look at the beautiful sky out my window!  I just wish there was a way to describe not only the weather but  the road  outside the window and the activity that takes place on it!  A huge bull just meandered up the road, a matatu overloaded with people followed it, Moms with babies tied to their back, and then there are women carrying heavy loads on their heads - Never a dull moment.   

Yesterday, Mimi and I went to the Peds ward and painted toe nails!  We also colored with crayons  and did stickers telling the Christmas story.  Unfortunately,  the characters were  all white, but the kids loved it and most had never played with stickers before!  It is not an easy place to visit and I was proud of Mimi for stepping up and engaging with the children.  One little girl is waiting to have a heart valve replacement, another has severe scoliosis and can not lift her head.  She is so precious and happy even with this terrible handicap.  We are praying that something can be done for her.  

Before the fire when the canteen was here we loved getting samosas for lunch.  Now that it is destroyed we are going to try a local restaurant called the Garden Hotel.  Let me just say that this takes some courage as we are not sure what the kitchen looks like!  Everyone is eager to try one!  Stay tuned for a report on the cuisine!  OK here is the report!  They were delicious and we wished that we had ordered more!  I will not report on the kitchen sighting or the chicken wandering around it!  We had some samosas filled with ground beef and  also vegetarian ones filled with skuma which is much like our collards!  Delicious!  

The grandchildren and I went to the NICU after lunch to bring the wall hanging that Mimi and I had designed and embroidered together!  She chose the saying, God’s Little Angels which seemed very appropriate.    It was a fun project to do together.  The nurses promised to hang it in an appropriate place!

Those of you who read the blog two years ago  might remember Enoch, the darling little boy who had never been able to sit up. If you recall Penny had a local carpenter, Julius, make a special chair for him.  This current picture is of Penny treating Enoch.  Notice that he is now able to sit independently!  It was so touching to see Penny reunite with the family and to see the progress Enoch has made!  We continue to hold this sweet family in our hearts and prayers.

Till next time, lots of love,

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