Thursday, February 15, 2018

Returning Joys

Another beautiful morning in rural Kenya!  It is eight o’clock and I have done two loads of laundry , showered, eaten, and now ready to blog with you!  Life starts very early here and what we have to remember is to go to bed earlier to compensate.  This old body needs its rest!

Yesterday, I had the joy of going to nursery and seeing my nurse friends. The nursery is as hot as ever!  The census is currently low with only 20 babies. Unfortunately those 20 seemed quite sick.  However there are triplets and twins among the 20 so I think that there is work for me!  I have not brought the knitted caps or the blankets lovingly made by friends at home up there yet. I have to spread out the excitement!  Yesterday’s Valentine Hershey kisses were enough for the day!

We had the most fun experience on Sunday night.  At 7 PM we streamed in the 11 AM church service live from First Presbyterian in Wilmington, NC!  It was as though we were there!  No problems!  It is the miracle of science and very hard for me to fathom!  When Marv was here in 1997 the only thing available was the BBC!  Now we are connected to the world except when the power goes out!  How marvelous!

Marv is back in stride and loving being a physician again!  In fact after a sabbatical from night call last year they have put him back in the schedule.   Fortunately last night was very quiet but we will see how this works at his grand old age!


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