Saturday, February 10, 2018

Fire & Ice

Snow in Paris

We have  arrived safely in Kenya!  It was a frustrating trip as we were delayed by snow in Paris for eight hours.  We arrived at the Guest House at four AM but non the worse for wear!  That would amount to a 24 hour trip!  The good news was that there is very little vehicle traffic in Nairobi at 3 AM!  

We fell into bed to be awakened at 10 by the news that our driver was here. We had arranged for a driver to take us to a couple of shops while we rest up here today and tomorrow as our housing  at Tenwek is not available until Monday . Sadly we received awful news from Tenwek this morning that a major fire broke out there last night.  It sounds like it destroyed the restaurant, laundry, sterilization room, and some offices.  Fortunately they were able to move patients out of a ward in the basement and no one was injured.  They believe that the fire started in the kitchen of the restaurant. Please pray for the hospital, employees, and administrators as they work on a plan to rebuild.  It will impact surgery, sterilization, food prep for patients, laundry for patients and staff and countless other details that help a hospital function.  It will be a major undertaking.  

As I write I am sitting on a patio surrounded by beautiful plantings, the sound of children playing in the yard, and birds chirping in the bushes.  All is good!  We are always so grateful to God for safe travel.

Micki & Marv

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