Saturday, February 24, 2018


View from Tenwek across the valley
"The River is Low"

My initial impression returning to Tenwek is the increasing importance of education.  We have been in the midst a Critical Care course with visiting faculty from Alabama and Tennessee.  Beside bringing education there has been visitors here to learn with our Kenyan hosts - obstetric residents and medical students from the U.S.  It is a wonderful educational environment where we all are learning together.

What is still ahead is a work in progress of the implementation of a residency program in obstetrics and gynecology now that the curriculum has been approved.   The Issues to be addressed are finance and faculty.  These are universal issues for any academic program.  These are the investments that will reap rewards for the future.  

What has been personally rewarding is seeing Kenyan educational leadership  development.  This has been particularly evident in the Surgical program.  This can and will happen in obstetrics and gynecology program!



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